Empire Of Silence LP


Complete Empire Of Silence: the first released ambient | chillout | electronic music album from Port Fish.

Track list:

  1. Coral Seal
  2. Orpheus
  3. World Of Pacific
  4. Evening Flower
  5. Antarctic
  6. The Monkey Island
  7. E.N.D.
  8. Odd
  9. Empire Of Silence
  10. Oreada

Audio Quality:
Music files are MP3 encoded in LAME with highest quality VBR.

File Format:
All music files are provided in a ZIP archive (10xMP3, 2xArtwork)

ambient, chillout, electronic, relax music

Album Details:

  • Produced by Port Fish
  • Recorded & Mixed @ AEON
  • Co-mixed by Branooo
  • Released by Ohmophonia
  • Original album artwork by Matej Kladek


Album is also available for streaming on all major music platforms.


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